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Listers and Auditors

As many of you know, the Town of Peru is in need of a few volunteers to fill roles in our local government.  After Town Meeting and election of officers, we are still in need of two vital positions.  They are Auditor and Lister.  Here are the duties and responsibilities for each position:

Auditor:  Town auditors have two primary duties.  The first is to “examine and adjust the accounts of all town and town school district officers and all other persons authorized by law to draw orders on the town treasurer.”  The second is to “report their findings in writing and to cause the same to be mailed or otherwise distributed to the legal voters of the town…”  Three auditors are elected, one a year, to overlapping three-year terms.  They will reconcile bank statements, be in charge of producing the Annual Town Report and work in cooperation with the Treasurer.

Listers:  Listers are responsible for determining the value of the real and personal property in town.  This is the value the selectboard or the town will use to set a tax rate necessary to raise the money to operate the town in the next year.  It is also the basis for the determination of the property wealth of the municipality for purposes of setting state education property taxes.  Three listers are elected, on a year, to overlapping three-year terms.  If necessary, listers meet once a week.

If you need further information, please contact the Town Office and we will connect you with the appropriate person.

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