Moderator: Gary Ameden, 2021

Town Clerk:

Jennie Freeman, 2021


Donna Williams, 2021

Select Board:

Jon Mowry, 2021 – Chair

Todd Williams, 2023

Chuck Black, 2022


Jack Pennypacker, Chair, 2022

Brian Goodro, 2021

Rebecca Williams, 2022


Alexander Sheets, 2022

Karen Utiger, 2021

Regina McGuire, 2022

Cemetery Commission:

Jeremy LaPan, 2025

Tim Britton, 2025

Stewart Beattie, 2021 – Chair

Carl Holcomb, 2022

Bob Stelz, 2023

Will Crandall, 2024

Delinquent Tax Collector:

Tracy Black, 2021

First Constable:

Mike Gayda, 2021

Second Constable:

Chris Felion, 2021

Grand Juror:

Iwanna Reed, 2021

Town Agent:

Tracy Black, 2021

Trustee of Public Funds:

Mike Gayda, 2021

Taconic and Green Representative:

Jane Worley, 2021

Justices of the Peace*:

Gary Ameden

Will Crandall

Karen Utiger

Olivia Rukat

Tracy Black

* Terms: February 1, 2019 thru January 31, 2021


Planning Commission:   

Stewart Beattie, 2023 – Chair

Mike Gayda, 2021

Andy Dahlstrom, 2023

Lucas Hughes, 2022

LJ Petra, 2021

Jim Jordan, 2023

Peter Robertson, 2022

Zoning Board: 

David Utiger, 2022

Charles Howard, 2022

John Acosta, 2023

Chuck Black, 2023

Peter Bradford, Chair, 2021

Zoning Administrator:

William Goodwin

Road Commissioner:

Todd Williams, 2021


Carl Holcomb

Town Service Officer:

Melissa O’Brien

Health Officer:

Dr. Roger Fox

Deputy Health Officer:

Mike Gayda

Emergency Manager:

Chuck Black, Todd Williams

Assistant Town Clerk/Treasurer:

Stephanie Turner Hoffmann


Road Foreman: Wayne Blanchard

Road Crew Brian Bills

Townscape Preservation Board:

Susan Bradford     Barbara Ardell     Sally Ogden