Moderator: Gary Ameden, 2020

Town Clerk:

Jill Braddish, 2020


Donna Williams, 2020

Select Board:

Todd Williams, Chair, 2020

Jon Mowry, 2021

Chuck Black, 2022


Jack Pennypacker, Chair, 2020

Brian Goodro, 2021

Rebecca Williams, 2022


Alexander Sheets, 2020

Karen Utiger, 2021

Regina McGuire, 2022

Cemetery Commission:

Jeremy LaPan, 2020

Stewart Beattie, Chair, 2021

Carl Holcomb, 2022

Bob Stelz, 2023

Will Crandall, 2024

Delinquent Tax Collector:

John Maher, 2020

First Constable:

Stewart Beattie, 2020

Second Constable:

Chris Felion, 2020

Grand Juror:

Hope Richardson, 2020

Town Agent:

Tracy Black, 2020

Trustee of Public Funds:

Mike Gayda, 2020

Taconic and Green Representative:

Jay Ouellette, 2020

Justices of the Peace*:

Gary Ameden

Will Crandall

Karen Utiger

Olivia Rukat

Tracy Black

* Terms: February 1, 2019 thru January 31, 2021


Planning Commission:   

Peter Robertson, 2019

Lucas Hughes, 2019

Stewart Beattie, Chair, 2020

Ben Freeman, 2020

Paul Myers, 2020

Mike Gayda, 2021

LJ Petra, 2021

Zoning Board: 

David Utiger, 2019

Charles Howard, 2019

John Acosta, 2020

Chuck Black, 2020

Peter Bradford, Chair, 2021

Zoning Administrator:

Hal Wilkins


Carl Holcomb

Town Service Officer:

Margaret Dawedeit

Health Officer:

Dr. Roger Fox

Deputy Health Officer:

Hal Wilkins

Emergency Manager:

Chuck Black, Todd Williams

Assistant Town Clerk/Treasurer:

Jennie Freeman


Road Foreman: Wayne Blanchard

Road Crew Brian Bills

Townscape Preservation Board:

Susan Bradford    Barbara Ardell    Gail Acosta    Sally Ogden