What are your office hours?

Office hours are: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30 am —4:00 pm.

How do I get a copy of a tax map and/or listers’ card?

Tax maps and Listers’ cards are in the Town Office. We can assist you in finding this information and making copies. There is a fee for time and copies.

How can I get a copy of my tax bill?

Please call the Town Clerk at 802-824-3065 or stop in during business hours. We would be happy to provide a copy of your tax bill by mail or email.

How do I grieve my property assessment?

A letter has to be written to the Board of Listers’ asking for reconsideration of the assessment of the property. We recommend that you provide comparable property/condos. You must state why you feel you were incorrectly assessed at that amount and provide comparables.

When are taxes due?

Taxes are due annually, September 30th each year.

How do I make a tax payment?

The town of Peru accepts money order, checks, or cash. We also have an online payment system which accepts credit cards.

Does my dog have to be registered in the town?

The State of Vermont requires that all dogs/wolf-hybrids be registered in the town in which they live. Residents of Peru must register their dogs between January 1st and April 1st of each year, providing a current rabies certificate and verification of spayed or neutered from your veterinarian.

How do I report a dog who is not in compliance with Peru Town Ordinance?

Please contact Pat Salo, dog warden, at 297-1032.

Do I need a burn permit?

Yes, during the summer months a burn permit is required. Fire permits are issued by the Fire Warden. Please contact: Chuck Black @ 824-6793 for permits and additional information

Where do I take my residential waste and recycling?

The Londonderry Transfer Station serves the towns of Londonderry, Weston, Windham, Landgrove, and Peru. Follow this link for detailed information.

Londonderry Transfer Station Information Page

Short-Term Rental F.A.Q.’s

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